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Tomorrow, after you graduate from high school, you will move on to the next stage in your education: your college studies! Founded in 1967 following the Parent Report, CEGEPs provide general post-secondary education to all Quebec students, whether they choose to go on to university or to enter the workforce. CEGEPs are teeming with expertise in various fields of specialization, offering distinct perspectives on the world… But how to choose?

By turning its attention to the works in the Museum’s collection, the CEGEP community reveals new points of view. You can also discover what sets the educational institutions apart in terms of programmes of study, regional differences and areas of innovation, as well as possible interactions between the arts and a range of disciplines.

Tomorrow, which CEGEP will be the one for you? Explore the Museum’s collection through the perspective of twenty-two CEGEPs from twelve regions in Quebec.

In 2017, to mark the CEGEP institution’s fiftieth anniversary, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts collaborated with the Fédération des cégeps, inviting members of its various colleges to produce short videos on works in the Museum’s collection.

Points of view: