The Heart

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The Heart

But which heart, exactly? The organ, a powerful muscle that pumps 8,000 litres of blood every day? Or feelings, which make us blush and feel faint? Whatever vessel we take to reach it, the fact remains that the heart is at the centre of our lives. It sets the rythm: it carries us away, puts us on standby mode, and panics when under fire from desire or passion or stress. Too often struck by cardiovascular disease, it is also a symbol of the greatest gift one can give. The heart of an animal was sometimes offered in sacrifice to obtain the protection of the gods. Jesus offered his heart to his followers. And a heart drawn between two names means a pledge of love and union, right? The heart is often our link to others, as in the expressions “wearing your heart on your sleeve” or “the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.” Whether we are the lover or the beloved, the amateur or the expert, the heart ties us to something… or someone. How about you? What – or who – do you think of when you see a heart? What emotion makes your heart beat faster?

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