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Who holds the power? Who gets the laws passed? Who accomplishes which chore at home? Men and women should have the same rights and be treated the same way, right? And yet… here and elsewhere, in the present and in the past, a majority of men seems to enjoy certain privileges as though they were self-evident. Thankfully, voices are rising up to denounce the injustices of the patriarchy, to demand gender equality and to rise above the stereotypes. Solidarity! Collaboration! Emancipation affects men as much as it does women: sexual consent, contraception, access to education and to equal pay, poverty, representation in the circles of power and images perpetuated in the media are issues that pervade private as well as public life. These issues are made even more complex for several marginalized groups. Indigenous women, for example, are victims of racism and sexism resulting from colonialism – a phenomenon called intersectionality. How can we work together to foster agency and autonomy for each and every one of us?

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